Staff Directory

Senior Administration
Parker, Claudia - Superintendent
Gessler, Simone - Assistant Superintendent - Learning
Toner, Janet - Assistant Superintendent - Business
Baile, Liz - Student Services Coordinator
Cyr, Lynda - .6 French Coordinator
Kavanaugh, Holly - Technology & Innovation Specialist
Nowak, Kristin - Indigenous Education Coordinator
Tutt, Lori - Religious Education Coordinator
Whitford, Judy - Indigenous Education Coordinator
Support Staff
Zenko, Cathy - Executive Assistant to the Superintendent
Broddy, Barb - Office Manager
Curran, Amy - Pay & Benefits Officer
Gillard, Cory - Manager of Information Technology Services
Lalonde, Norm - Facilities and Maintenance Coordinator
Girard, Sylvain
Hopkins, Lee