Continuance of Learning

Continuance of Learning

March 30, 2020


Dear Parents and Guardians,


As shared in the letter from Minister Simpson, ECE will be releasing a bulletin that will outline how the closure of schools will impact education in the NWT. It will also highlight the continuance of learning expectations for NWT schools and students. The bulletin will be shared with the public as soon as it is available.


Yellowknife Catholic Schools staff returned from Spring Break today, Monday, March 30, 2020. As per the original announcement of school closures until April 14, 2020, the delivery of learning will begin at that time.


As a district, we will be connecting and collaborating so that we can plan and prepare to support remote learning. Please keep in mind that during these unprecedented times, we are all learning how to manage the daily pivot and best meet the needs of our families.


Our Continuance of Learning Plan will focus on essential learning outcomes of health, wellness, literacy, and numeracy, for our JK-7 students, and the core courses for our 8-12 students. Please rest assured that supporting Grade 12 students will be a priority as we prepare them for graduation.


This week your child(ren)s teacher will be reaching out to you. We ask for your continued patience and understanding as we navigate through the many logistics of providing continued learning.


If you have any questions please continue to email us at


As always, thank you for your support. We are sending prayers to you and yours today!


God’s Blessings,


Simone Gessler