Superintendent's Message

Superintendent's Message

It seems hard to believe that it is November already. In many ways it seems like we are starting our year over again, and last week was like our first. There was an excitement in the schools that very much resembled those first days in August. The students were excited, and a little nervous, and the staff were so happy to have their students back in the classroom. The next few weeks will be focused on building relationships and classroom routines again, so that good solid learning can take place. 

As always we are so grateful for our parents and appreciate your flexibility around our recent calendar change. We really felt it was important that we provide as many weeks of uninterrupted five day weeks of learning as possible. This will allow our teachers to really dig deep with their students as we continue to focus on literacy and numeracy at the elementary schools for term one.

As we shared in our school reopening letter, there will be a few additional restrictions in place, but all in all we will be following much of the same routine as we did prior to school closures. One restriction that is still in place, is visitors in the school. We ask that you continue to support our CoVID19 restrictions by not entering the buildings unless absolutely necessary. This is one measure we can take to support remaining open and providing in-person instruction. While we understand this can be difficult, we really do appreciate your understanding and support.

This also means that 3-Way Conferences will need to continue to be held virtually. The schools will of course be sending out more information, but we again appreciate your patience and understanding in conducting the conferences virtually to ensure the safety of all. 

The restrictions also continue to limit large gatherings within the school. This will mean that we will once again be unable to celebrate Remembrance Day with our usual ceremonies, but schools will be involved in classroom based liturgies and Remembrance Day ceremonies. We will honour the fallen and thank them for their service on November 10.